New Development Strategy 2022 – 2025 |

New Development Strategy 2022 – 2025

Greetings from EDC Blockchain Team!

We want to start this post by saying that we really appreciate our community. Despite the difficult times, we received plenty of support, so we express our gratitude to everyone who stayed with us. A lot of multi-accounts, speculators and grasping people left the project. This clears the way for new beginnings.

This whole time, we have been working hard, which allowed us to find new solutions for the project’s growth and start creating a new Crocobit ecosystem. Each part of this ecosystem represents a promising direction for the development of the digital asset market. This gives each owner the opportunity to benefit from the overall development of the project.

What is Сrocobit?

Crocobit is a platform that provides DEX general tools, an NFT Marketplace and GameFi. A convenient multi-chain DEX platform will be created for quick exchange and safe storage of cryptocurrency, as well as GameFi tools that provide access to the Crocoverse universal gaming metaverse.

In this way, we provide participants with the opportunity to be involved in one of the most promising and fastest growing industries in the world, as well as get the tools to earn through GameFi.

The Croco token will provide access to the use of all the tools in the Crocobit ecosystem. We believe that the public launch of the new token will be one of the best and most honest ways to distribute tokens. Therefore, we are glad that our approach was supported by the community.

At the first stage, we will use the mechanism of distribution of tokens among users, that is, the distribution of tokens “directly into the hands” of users (to accounts). Thus, we are launching a pre-seed round to distribute tokens to existing users of the project. This is necessary to increase liquidity. 

The exchange of the EDC coin for the new Croco token will be carried out on the Crocobit platform. Therefore, all users need to prepare for the exchange by registering on Crocobit and passing the KYC procedure. All instructions will be provided in the next release.

The Croco tokens will be frozen until January 1st, 2023. This procedure is the key to the successful use of tokens. Freezing the tokens before this date will help prepare the audience for the initial token sale and will help popularize the token, as well as attract new users.