New Blockchain Opportunities to Open for Pakistani Residents! |

New Blockchain Opportunities to Open for Pakistani Residents!

The leaders of the EDC Blockchain community and the ECRO System project are conducting a number of events in Pakistan to develop the community in this country and improve the lives of Pakistan residents using innovative EDC and ECRO products!

The leaders of the Pakistani EDC and ECRO community Akmal Guman, Ali Hassan, Mr. Khalid, and Yusuf Sultani are actively developing our projects and popularizing EDC Blockchain products and the independent global ecosystem ECRO System in Pakistan.

The work of our community leaders in Pakistan allows residents of this country to learn about the benefits of EDC Blockchain and ECRO System products that help develop in the latest digital technologies, expand and scale their business and receive daily bonus rewards!

At the training events, residents of Pakistan will learn about the improved transfer functionality on the EDC Blockchain platform and the possibilities of conducting marketing campaigns for the clients of their business using the “code package” and “red envelope” functions that increase the effectiveness of company promotions.

A popular product among the Pakistani population is the EDC Blockchain leasing program. With its help, EDC bonus coin holders get the opportunity to lease their coins to a masternode and receive daily bonus accruals on their EDC Blockchain wallet!

A resident of Pakistan became the owner of a stylish Toyota, which he purchased for bonuses thanks to the EDC Blockchain leasing program.

At our educational events, Pakistani users will learn how to join the independent ecosystem for consumers, manufacturers, and partners of ECRO System.

ECRO System is a self-contained system that provides tools for the development in the blockchain world: the innovative ECRO marketplace using blockchain and AI technology, the ECRO Academy educational platform, the ECRO Startup platform for projects’ development, as well as the BitcoBit and ECRO P2P cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

We thank the leaders of the Pakistani EDC and ECRO community for their active work and contribution to the development of our projects and are waiting for all crypto enthusiasts who want to develop in the blockchain technologies area at our training events and webinars! Shortly, the EDC and ECRO team will begin active collaboration with Pakistani leaders to further develop our projects in this country.

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