Mexico Workshop Results: The EDC Blockchain Team Presented Their Latest Developments! |

Mexico Workshop Results: The EDC Blockchain Team Presented Their Latest Developments!

On June 20, 2019, a presentation of the EDC Blockchain and ECROFund platforms was held in the capital of Mexico. The speaker at this workshop was the EDC Blockchain coordinator and the leader of the EDC community in Latin America, Daniel Grosso.

Daniel Grosso has been successfully engaged in business activities in the field of public procurement of Venezuela for over 20 years.

Event visitors were able to study in detail about the latest products of the EDC platform and found out about all ins and outs of the interaction between EDC Blockchain and the partner ECROFund project.

The participants of the workshop learned not only about the possibilities of applying innovative solutions in the field of blockchain technologies provided by the EDC Blockchain project, but also about the ways of integrating these products into real business.

Tokenization of business on the EDC platform, the multi-level affiliate program of ECROFund, the transfer of EDC assets in the lease of supernode for additional rewards accruals — these are the most frequent questions that interested absolutely all the participants of the meeting.

Daniel Grosso has also elaborated on the theme of the global marketplace development in the ECROFund ecosystem, which will expand not only the number of EDC acceptance points, but also the range of goods and services that can be purchased for EDC coins!

Workshop participants have expressed their desire to join our growing community and use the latest blockchain designs of the EDC Blockchain team for both individual goals and the development and tokenization of their business in the ECROFund ecosystem!