Main Secrets of Success of EDC Blockchain in Latin America! |

Main Secrets of Success of EDC Blockchain in Latin America!

Saludos desde Peru! We received wonderful news from the main EDC Blockchain leader in Latin America, Daniel Grosso! Our leader's team is actively involved in the development of the company and helps expand our numerous community at the international level!

In July, an international team of leaders, Marcel Corbo and Ivan Feito, held a joint workshop in Lima, Peru. 

Marcel and Ivan are important people in Daniel Grosso's business team and key figures in the EDC Blockchain community in Latin America. As a reminder, Marcel Corbo is an official ambassador of our company!

The workshop involved not only familiarization with self-sufficient ECRO ecosystem on the basis of the EDC platform, but also discussion of techniques of successful work of partners in order  to expand our community, develop communication skills and establish new business relations.

We would like to remind you that at the moment our project is based on the following main products: a built-in coin constructor allowing to tokenize any small or medium business, a marketplace platform based on the blockchain technology for interaction between consumers and sellers in one ecosystem, and the ECRO Academy, which promotes personal and professional growth of users.

Guests at our event in Peru learned about the possibility of receiving additional bonuses through leasing mechanism. All owners of EDC coins can lease them to the ECRO supernode, which will bring you a daily reward. Users can choose a lease period of 3, 6 or 12 months. At the end of this period, the number of leased coins will be returned to user's balance. 

"We congratulate Ivan on this achievement! Our community is growing at an incredible pace, which means that the universal law of supply and demand works: demand increases the value of currency, and this is the merit of our community! We also congratulate the team of our leader Santiago on the successful organization of the event! - Daniel Grosso

We love and appreciate all our partners and users all over the world! However, the Peruvian community gives the community a unique charm and charisma, which could be, perhaps, only in Latin America!

Now, it is a great time to join our EDC Blockchain community and take part in the development of the platform!

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