'Live Playfully!' Vaz Egiazar, the CEO of EDC Blockchain, Giving an Interview for Today News |

‘Live Playfully!’ Vaz Egiazar, the CEO of EDC Blockchain, Giving an Interview for Today News

Vaz Egiazar, the CEO of EDC Blockchain, talked to Yuri Vorobiyov, a Today News reporter about juggling different things in his life such as running his own company, his interest in blockchain, doing yoga and getting fun out of life.

This is the introductory part of an interview series with Vaz Egiazar, the CEO of EDC Blockchain. Vaz is sure that the success of a project depends mostly on how well the community is developed and how well the project team understands their target audience. The EDC Blockchain team always keeps in touch with members of the community, which makes their work transparent and understandable for everyone.

In this interview Vaz told us about developing his business in the cryptocurrency market, working on his project, the importance of relationships within the community and also his hobbies and principles. We hope that the interview will help every member of the EDC community better understand Vaz and truly get inspired by Vaz’s dedication and optimism that always accompany him in achieving his goals. 

Where are you currently living?

A few years ago, when there was a lot of hype around cryptocurrencies, I moved to Asia in order to be in the center of technological progress and seize the opportunity to start my own business. I spend most of my time in Singapore, I often visit Hong Kong and Thailand, and sometimes I travel to Ukraine on business.

How did you get into the crypto field and why were you interested in it?

I think that blockchain and cryptocurrencies in particular make up a system that allows for free exchange of goods, resources and value, and the system is based on safe blockchain technology. Choosing the way of implementing this technology is totally up to you. And it gives so much freedom! Nobody can control the movement of your funds at the international level, and that’s crucial nowadays, isn’t it? Three years ago I started to learn about the technology and became interested in blockchain, its architecture and what blockchain had to offer. 

‘I think that blockchain and cryptocurrencies in particular make up a system that allows for free exchange of goods, resources and value, and the system is based on safe blockchain technology’

How did you get introduced to the world of crypto?

I’ve gone through literally every stage there is. It all began with me buying crypto. Then I started to learn about different trade strategies, so I was actively engaged in trading, and then I began sharpening and improving various approaches to trade in practice. I also worked on some mining projects and mined BTC, LTC, ETH.

What did you do before the EDC launching?

I worked with different startups as a business consultant. I prepared projects for entering the market, worked on project positioning and preparing roadmaps, I helped with the MVP launching, created marketing plans, attracted venture capital investors. All in all, I helped promising startups to meet investors and get funding.

What exactly do you do for the EDC project?

After taking into account my experience in startup launching, a group of investors invited me to run the project. They wanted me to optimize internal business processes, rebrand the project for the global market and ensure its wider implementation. So I am now responsible for strategic decision making.

What were the biggest obstacles you had to overcome then?

When I was in charge of the project, we worked with a completely different team of specialists. So there were difficulties due to a high volume of work that needed to be carried out in upgrading the platform, writing the code and implementing the coin constructor. It wasn’t easy to improve the current protocol on the basis of which we work (Graphene 2.0). But you can safely say that the EDC Blockchain code is now an independent protocol, a technological achievement! You can promote it without reference to the basic version of Graphene.

Describe your typical day.

My day starts at 6 a.m., and it starts with reviewing and analyzing the current state of affairs and having a nice cup of coffee. After that I talk with top managers, we go over pressing issues and plan tasks to do in the near future. Almost every day I attend an insane number of business meetings, because we are now about to enter the global market. 

I meet with project representatives, partners and politicians, for now there is a clear interest in our technologies, not only on the part of the community but also on the part of government authorities from all around the world. The question of implementing blockchain into government projects is now a topic issue. We offer integrating and developing our technologies into the most promising financial areas where everything is available, accessible and conducted openly and fairly. 

How do you work with your community?

We work hard in this regard. I talk with top leaders of our community a few times a week, I am often invited to take part in webinars and online meetings where we discuss the most relevant issues the community is concerned with and look for solutions together. We are always ready to compromise, cooperate and communicate openly with the community.

The success of any project depends, first and foremost, on developing the community and building effective communications within it. Aside from technological progress and improvements, product development and a variety of tools for implementing EDC as a utility-coin, our company focuses on communications within the system. That is why information gaps are never an issue for our community and its leaders, they always stay on top of things.  

‘The success of any project depends, first and foremost, on developing the community and building effective communications within it.’

What other hobbies do you have? What do you do in your free time?

I do yoga, it helps me to concentrate and it’s a good distraction from work, it helps me to find my inner balance and deeper understand myself. I am also into extreme sports – for example, I’ve recently done a skydive, and the emotions are indescribable, really! Such activities motivate me, make me want to move forward and grow, time after time overcoming my fears and winning battles against myself. I think the most important battles that you win in life are the ones against yourself. 

Any comments on the current market situation?

In my opinion, it’s nothing new and easy to predict: bitcoin is going up rapidly whereas most altcoins are entering the red zone. It’s only psychological: everyone sees the rise of the asset and jumps on the bandwagon, selling their alternative assets. You shouldn’t give in to the hype and worry about EC going down. It will change, and the flow of funds will be channeled back from bitcoin to altcoins. I am sure that the EDC coin is still hugely underrated on the market and we are actively working on expanding the scope of its use and introducing more and more users to its possibilities and advantages. 

What’s your secret to success? What tips could you give to those who are only beginning to explore the market?

Well, first of all, I advise everyone to be careful with what you want to invest in. Do a thorough research before making investment decisions and don’t invest into fields that you don’t understand. Also, don’t let your emotions overwhelm you during the decision making process, don’t panic and keep a cool head when making trading decisions. 

I believe that the crypto industry will draw more attention from people in the world and the transformation process that’s happening in the financial system is impossible to stop. As a crypto enthusiast I’m sure that the rise of bitcoin as the main indicator of the cryptomarket is inevitable, and so is the rise of the cryptocurrency field in general. The tokenization of the business will keep on expanding and taking new, better forms.

Finally, would you give a little pep talk to your supporters and members of your community?

Sure. Whatever you do, try to do it playfully. And most importantly, have fun doing it! As a famous writer once said, ‘All the world’s a stage’. Don’t take your problems too seriously. Business, work, hobbies… These are just things for unleashing your potential. When unleashing it, we rejoice and feel the energy for growing.

‘I think the most important battles that you win in life are the ones against yourself.’

Source: today-news.com