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Staking EDC

Staking is the process of storing coins to support all transactions on the blockchain.

Just stake your coins in the wallet, thereby allowing the system to issue new EDC coins and automatically distribute the reward.

The reward is credited the next day after staking is activated. Upon the expiration period, the coins are returned back to the user's balance.


Using the DPoS Algorithm

To equalize the rights of all coin holders, the Delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm is used. This method engages all users to work on securing the network, regardless of their stack, and distributes the reward fairly.

Hence, if you have the minimum amount of coins, you will still receive consistent rewards.

How It Works

In one click, you can stake your EDC coins in the EDC Blockchain wallet. The system starts generating new coins, and you will automatically get a daily bonus in proportion to your contribution.