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Latest Crypto Insights

Check out the latest overview of events affecting the entire crypto market. 

Lebanon to launch a digital currency  

A growing number of countries are thinking of launching a national cryptocurrency including now Lebanon. The Central Bank of Lebanon assumes that its creation will restore residents' confidence in the financial system, be able to attract foreign investment and help solve the problem of the economic crisis in the country. 

Binance bans Amercian users 

Binance crypto exchange monitors the IP addresses of American users and warns by emailing them to stop using the main site and withdraw their assets. Binance encourages US residents to switch to or other US exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies to be declared in Russia 

The Russian Ministry of Finance is amending the Tax and Criminal Codes governing the declaration of cryptocurrencies. All crypto owners conducting transactions in the amount of over 600,000 rubles per year must report to the tax office. Criminal liability with a penalty of up to three years in prison will be established for users who undeclared transactions in an amount exceeding 45 million rubles. 

97% of Bitcoin owners are in profit 

According to Glassnode data, 97% of Bitcoin users purchased cryptocurrency at a price lower than it is currently being traded. At the time of writing, Bitcoin price is $16,240, according to Bitfinex

The EDC coin gained 0.93% against the US dollar and increased its value in the coin rating on Coinmarketcap. EDC Blockchain capitalization has exceeded $2 million, up from $1.7 million as of early November. 


The growth of the coin is correlated to the market behavior influenced by users and traders. The more coins are held and leased, the higher the price of the coin.

Tokenization of German soccer 

FC Bayern Munich has started a partnership with Sorare, an international platform using the Ethereum blockchain. Sorare members can use blockchain cards to create their own soccer team and participate in league. 

Source: Twitter

Sorare has already partnered with 20 well-known soccer clubs, including Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus, and plans to expand into the US market.

While the basis of the blockchain tokenization is the “token”, the basis of EDC Blockchain is the EDC utility coin, which creates a certain value for the entire ecosystem. The concept of money management previously required the involvement of third parties and envisaged the cost of paperwork, additionally, these processes could not be completely transparent and secure. With the advent of digital assets, blockchain tokenization began to be used to conduct transactions and payments without the participation of intermediaries, without the use of confidential information about participants and without the collection of large commissions.

EDC Blockchain is a platform that simplifies all transactions in everyday use by providing the accessibility of EDC coin. An entrepreneur, using EDC Blockchain tools, simplifies their business tasks, such as creating a token for their company using a coin constructor based on the EDC blockchain, selling goods for EDCs, or promoting a business by providing discounts or setting a cashback in their own tokens or in EDC coins. Users receive accruals from the EDC leasing and return the leased coins back after the specified time period. Traders can trade EDCs, increasing their coin portfolio. 

You can apply tokenization in various fields, while EDC Blockchain is a great example of this. 

Accumulate your assets, manage them in your wallet and increase your rewards. 

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