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4547 About EDC and Tokenization in Turkey

'EDC Blockchain Is A Solution For Turkish Business Tokenization', this article appeared among TOP articles on the main page of the popular Turkish blockchain website,  

The mission of EDC Blockchain is the tokenization of small and medium-sized businesses. Thus, it has an increasing interest not only among Turkish businessmen, but also in the press. Of course, the high activity of our growing community in Turkey plays a major role in promoting the company's products.

Did you know that every fifth resident of Turkey already has experience of acquiring crypto assets, while about 50-60 retail stores in the country are ready to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment for goods and services?

The potential for crypto payments and transactions is very high! After all, holders are more interested in the practical use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. This is the thing that is offered by our platform: using blockchain technology EDC Blockchain provides its users with the opportunity to purchase household items, cars and even houses!

What solutions does the EDC Blockchain offer for tokenizing the modern economy and blockchain-based trading turnover?

Find the answer to this and other questions in a review article “EDC Blockchain Türk iş dünyasına kripto para dönüşümü için çözüm olarak geliyor”.