Meet EDC Blockchain Speaker and Project Coordinator in Turkey, Tolga Atar! |

Meet EDC Blockchain Speaker and Project Coordinator in Turkey, Tolga Atar!

Tolga Atar is the EDC events organizer in Izmir, an active participant and speaker of the EDC Blockchain community.

For many people who are just now discovering the EDC platform, a great interest from experienced crypto specialists and businessmen in this project is a proof of a correct decision. Their expert ratings speak louder and tell more than ads.

Tolga Atar is the engine of blockchain innovations through EDC in Turkey.

  • At the age of 21 he founded an IT company developing Hi-Tech security systems;
  • 15 years of successful own business management;
  • 8 years experience on international stock exchanges;
  • Crypto-enthusiast since 2015;
  • 3 years experience in issuing tokens with unique production formulas.

Tolga Atar is a comprehensively developed personality, a true intellectual with two higher educations (engineering and business administration) who inspired hundreds of people to join the EDC community.

“I have closely followed the activities of people who developed EDC Blockchain technologies since 2017. And when their product has been presented to the world community, I immediately joined the EDC, because I appreciated its main advantages, such as:

- Bitshares 2.0 Graphene technology, due to which transactions occur faster than in other blockchains;

- Coin constructor;

- Bonuses for leasing EDC coins to ECROFunds masternode.

Now I am a professional EDC Blockchain consultant and I will help to ensure the development of thousands of enterprises and private investors with the help of our platform! ”