Is Tokenization Coming? How to Use the New Trend with EDC Blockchain |

Is Tokenization Coming? How to Use the New Trend with EDC Blockchain

Attempts to digitize traditional assets are beginning to spread around the world. And while many have already heard about the tokenization of securities, business or real estate, the recent news about the tokenization by an NBA player of his own contract with the Brooklyn Nets club is an example of the new application of digital technology and a clear step towards universal acceptance of tokenization!

NBA star Spencer Dinwiddie has turned his three-year contract with Brooklyn Nets into a debt investment tool called Dream Fan Shares. The $34.4 million contracts allowed Dinwiddie to release his tokens and raise $13.5 million: 90 SD8 tokens worth $150 000 each. To raise interest in the deal, buyers of their PAInTs professional sports investment tokens will be invited to the All-Star weekend in Chicago.

The trend towards tokenization in many areas of today's life is one of the main reasons why the EDC Blockchain platform audience is actively expanding! After all, the platform offers innovative services for the tokenization of small and medium-sized businesses!

The EDC Blockchain's built-in coin constructor allows entrepreneurs to create their own digital assets. Convenient package solutions allow you to create any digital asset to meet your requirements - from a simple token for a relatively small turnover to a full-fledged cryptographic currency with a large number of customizable parameters and the possibility of mining on the PoS algorithm.

Working with the EDC Blockchain allows entrepreneurs to have their assets listed on partner exchanges. And that means additional liquidity, new customers and demand for your assets worldwide! Moreover, all members of an EDC community of over 1.2 million registered accounts become potential users of your coin, increasing demand for your coin within our self-sustaining ecosystem. 

Your own token will help you build effective communications with your partners, and the use of Blockchain technology will eliminate unnecessary intermediaries from your business chain, making all your transactions cheaper and safer.

Tokenize your business with EDC Blockchain and discover new tools to expand and scale your project and new sources of long-term development!

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