Is It Possible to Buy a Car with EDC Coins? Yes! |

Is It Possible to Buy a Car with EDC Coins? Yes!

You can now buy real estate, transport, and other goods with EDC coins in many countries! Indonesia has been recently added to this list: several members of our community have become happy owners of the cars that they purchased with EDC bonus coins!

We previously wrote that EDC Blockchain users in China, Pakistan, India, as well as Turkey use leasing bonus rewards most actively. We plan to expand the company’s geography so that community members from other countries can be able to easily exchange their EDC coins.

Here are the words of one of the EDC Blockchain leaders in Indonesia after buying a car:

“The EDC Blockchain company gave me tremendous opportunities! Thanks to EDC, I provide my daily needs and bought the car I dreamed about! If everyone participates in the community development, even more impressive progress awaits us in future with EDC Blockchain.”

The EDC bonus coin (Every Day Coin) was created for daily use and to improve the quality of life for all its users. To do this, we are constantly expanding the capabilities of the ecosystem, where users not only receive leasing bonuses but interact with each other, develop and support the community, while entrepreneurs build a business using EDC Blockchain tools.

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