Introducing Changes to Staking Program |

Introducing Changes to Staking Program

Dear users, 

The staking program will be updated on the EDC Blockchain platform. This update includes the following: 

  • From April 1, 2022, Maintenance Time, the payout rate for staking EDC coins will be 6% per year 
  • Locked period: 1 year
  • Interest payout time: on a daily basis

Please note: Users who have already staked their coins and users who stake their coins by April 1, 2022 maintenance time, will continue to receive bonuses with an increased payout rate of 3% per month on the deposit amount until the end of the program. 

To start staking and receive rewards, open the “Staking” tab in your EDC Blockchain account and enter the desired amount to stake. Click on the “Stake” button. Get daily bonuses to your personal wallet. 

Thank you for being with EDC Blockchain!