Important Issues About Securing Your Wallet You Want to Know |

Important Issues About Securing Your Wallet You Want to Know

We will talk about what a user of the EDC Blockchain decentralized platform needs to know in order to securely manage their coins, store them in a wallet, as well as exchange them for other coins. 

How to deposit my EDCs to exchanges? 

Partner exchanges where you can exchange or buy EDCare available at To make an exchange on Bitz, follow the detailed instructions Purchase-Sale-BIT-Z-EN

My wallet is blocked. How to unlock it?

In the EDC Blockchain system, as in many networks, there are no locks. At the time of launching the coin, an algorithm that analyzes the user's activity was added to the system. In case of suspicious activity, the account is deactivated in order to prevent any fraudulently and provide users with only secure access. You need to fill in the data in your profile and contact support to activate the wallet. 

How to get the wallet's brainkey if I lost it? 

It is impossible to restore brainkey. We recommend that you carefully write down 16 code words when registering a wallet and store them in a safe place. 

I try to enter my wallet, but I see an error: “brainkey does not contain any accounts”. What can I do? 

If you see the error message “brainkey does not contain any accounts” highlighted in red at the bottom of the screen, it indicates that you are logging in unsafely or that you made a mistake when entering the code words that your brainkey contains. Check the connection, as well as whether you enter the code words correctly, and correct the error. Unfortunately, it is technically impossible to recover the brainkey or provide you with full access to your account if the brainkey is lost. 

I forgot my password. Help me restore it. 

To change your password, you must log out and log back in. 

Note. You can create different passwords each time you log into the wallet. The likelihood that access to your account can be compromised with a password is almost zero, while anyone who has access to your brainkey can get into your wallet. 

I sent a transaction, but forgot to enter a MEMO. Can I roll it back? 

MEMO is used to transfer funds to the exchange. To transfer your funds to your exchange account, you need to find a transaction in your wallet and contact the exchange support. It is important to specify the hash of the operation, for example #1.11.123456789.

I created a wallet but didn't save my brainkey. How can I restore my brainkey if I’m still logged into the wallet? 

To restore brainkey use this link Go to the “backup” field and enter your wallet password. Your key will be displayed on the screen. Store it in a safe place. 

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