9512 How to Get a Startup to Make Money?

Ideas are everything.

Do you have an idea of creating something? As an example, maybe you want to develop new and cheap electric machines that will reduce environmental pollution or you have a goal to open your own chain of stores and surpass famous brands. Or maybe you just want to open a small cozy cafe with soft music where couples in love could go to in the evenings.

We know how you feel. You are captured by this thought and you love being obsessed with this; but once you take the first step towards implementation, problems that need to be solved for the development of your business idea begin.

If the Pain Gets You When You’re Launching Your Startup...

Did you know what problem is most common when launching a startup? We will give you disappointing statistics: in 2018, about 70% of startups launched on crowdfunding platforms remained unknown. Of course, there were more than non-working and potentially non-profitable projects among them, however, there were also a lot of ideas which implementation could bring invaluable assist to the world. As an example, a Dutch startup on the construction of roads from recycled plastic, which is cheaper, more durable and more environmentally friendly compared to pavement. Why do we mention this just now?

Because the problem of any startup is that it is often neglected among the numerous unimportant things in our world.

Let us ask you: what will you feel if your project remains in the shadows? What are you going to do to avoid this?

The EDC Blockchain platform solves this problem.

How? Having decided to tokenize your business and create your own token, you will immediately get support from the EDC community. About two million people will be notified about a new project created on the platform. Which is your project. Once you launch a project on the platform, people around the world will start talking about it.

Do you still have any doubts? Just try it.

In addition to community attention, any project can also count on being assisted to promote your project. We offer you a whole range of services, as we take this seriously.

What Is Waiting for Your Project in Addition to the EDC Blockchain Community Consisting of One-Million Users?

We will work on the marketing promotion of your project, develop a project strategy, help you collaborate with the necessary advertising sources and provide you with targeted traffic, as well as organize online and offline events. We will also offer you listing on partner exchanges in order to immediately draw the attention of the whole world to your coin.

Thus, we will help you with the legal side of a startup. We will advise you on the choice of jurisdiction for the project, check all documents, as well as create a privacy policy and terms of use. We will help you with a confusing legal side!

Moreover, venture investors have recently joined the EDC community. This means that on our platform there are people who are interested in investing in your future project!

Therefore, if you take this serious, the EDC Blockchain platform is the key to the implementation of any startup. Be sure that your project will only gain profit compared to its competitors, and it will inevitably attract its audience immediately after launch. At the same time, we can help you with marketing support of the project in the future, which will allow you to overcome the difficulties.

So do you have any idea now?

After all, ideas are everything.