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Decentralized Blockchain Platform

EDC Blockchain is a decentralized blockchain platform with its EDC coin, providing tools for entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses.

By using the DPoS consensus algorithm and involving validators, EDC Blockchain ensures high network reliability for all operations. Validators are rewarded and involved in maintaining and managing the blockchain by creating an EDC Blockchain node on their servers and processing transactions.

About Community

  • 1,300,000 wallets registered
  • Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa
  • Telegram user support 24/7: @edcblockchain1

EDC Coin

  • EDC, ‘every day coin’, is a bonus utility coin for use in loyalty programs provided by small and medium-sized businesses, in particular in HoReCa: hotels, restaurants, cafes.
  • The EDC coin is used to interact with your customers and expand the target audience through creating loyalty programs and promotions, paying out bonuses for employees, as well as establishing cashback on products and offering discounts.
  • EDC has a limited total supply of 100,000,000 coins.

Opportunities for Individuals

  • Create innovative customer loyalty programs and reach your target audience with EDC Blockchain technologies
  • Exchange EDCs on liquid exchanges and have full control over your coins
  • Use digital transaction management tools to organize your business, such as check codes, red envelopes, and anonymous transactions
  • Create your own tokens with the coin constructor
  • Receive daily bonuses for staking coins

Coin Burning

EDC Blockchain uses a coin burning mechanism to maintain the stability of the coin value and keep its growth pace

Coins to burn

  • Burning 90% transaction fees;
  • Burning any number of coins provided by users;
  • Periodic burning, which the EDC Blockchain notifies in advance.

The burning process is carried out by sending coins to the burner account, from which it is impossible to withdraw coins ever.

Multifunctional Blockchain Wallet

Manage your coins efficiently and use the platform's features with the EDC Wallet from anywhere in the world!

Wallet Benefits

  • Convenient storage, sending and receiving coins
  • Transaction speed up to 5 seconds
  • 2FA protection
  • Support for tokens created on the EDC blockchain
  • Interface custom settings
  • Up-to-date browser support
  • Free download from Google Play and AppStore
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EDC Blockchain users have the ability to stake their coins and receive bonuses thanks to the use of the DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) algorithm. Unlike mining, staking does not require the purchase of expensive equipment and paying much for electricity.

An EDC holder can stake any amount of coins and receive daily bonuses set by the system. Upon expiration of the validity period, the amount deposited by the user is returned to their balance.

New coins included in the total supply code are being generated through the staking mechanism and issued to users as a bonus for storing coins in the EDC Blockchain system.

Learn more about staking

Coin Constructor

Do you want to create your own cryptocurrency? Do this on the EDC BLOCKCHAIN platform.

You will not need powerful computing equipment, programmer services and hosting purchases. The platform will do everything for you, including complex programming. Just enter your custom settings and get started!

Learn more about the Constructor

Transaction Management Tools

Check code. The check code guarantees additional security during transactions. When you use this function, a secret code is generated, while only the recipient of this code can unlock and receive coins. It is used to organize social media contests and promotions to increase engagement, create loyalty programs, pay salaries to employees, and send gift certificates.

Red envelope. If the coins are to be distributed among multiple participants, activate the reusable feature called ‘red envelope’, set an expiration date, and pass the generated code to any number of users. They will be able to get coins using only one code.

Anonymous transactions. This function for making anonymous transactions is the best choice for those who value privacy when transferring coins. The recipient does not see who the coins come from.

Mission and Goals


We are focused on tokenizing small and medium-sized businesses, introducing blockchain technologies into the real economy, and popularizing the blockchain idea around the world.


We are committed to providing the tools to create global loyalty programs to help small and medium-sized entrepreneurs improve their business model, reach new audiences, improve advertising, and boost sales.

Road map
Q1 2021
No limits on transfers and staking amounts.
Q1 2021
Leasing deposits to the masternode are canceled.
Q1 2021
Creating a staking program with the possibility of staking coins for 12 months. The annual staking reward is 36%
Q2 2021
Increase in the number of the node holders to 100 validators.
Q2 2021
Switching to a public decentralized blockchain.
Q2 2021
Expanding the blockchain tools for entrepreneurs and using the EDC coin as a means of payment for goods and services.
Q3 2021
Updating wallets given the ability to credit and acquire startup shares.
Q1-Q4 2021
Expanding trading opportunities.