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EDC Blockchain is a multi-functional platform with its own bonus utility coin, where ready-made blockchain solutions for small and medium-sized businesses are available to all.

3 facts about EDC Blockchain:

  • Project is on the market since 2015
  • EDC coins are used by people living in 57 countries
  • There are over 1,2 registered wallets

Why do a lot of people trust us? Because the EDC Blockchain platform is a complex of possibilities for the implementation of any ideas.



  • Trading on global markets. Bonus EDC coin is presented on Bit-z, DigiFinex, Bitribe and other major exchanges.
  • LPoS Consensus Algorithm. You do not need computer power - the masternode works remotely, and you receive bonuses in your wallet from the first day.
  • Graphene Technology. Provides fast transactions, low fees, multitasking when working with multiple tokens.

Our Services

  • Work with coins: issue and management, storage and exchange.
  • Multicurrency wallet. Safe, convenient, fast.
  • Package solutions for creating your own coin on the blockchain. Applicable for business tokenization, increasing liquidity, payment for goods and services, payment programs.
  • Marketing support for projects , Promotion of your project in the media, work with advertising channels. Creation and promotion of content.
  • Development of blockchain projects , as well as development and implementation of smart contracts for any requirements.

Our Future Goals

  • Launch of the EDC Blockchain application for all operating systems.
  • Creation of a global blockchain aggregator, i.e., a platform that simplifies the creation of digital assets based on any of the existing blockchains.
  • Creation of a fast and secure decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on the blockchain.
  • Creation of crowdfunding platform based on the blockchain to attract investments for projects and startups
  • Creation of a global p2p marketplace based on the blockchain for the entire EDC Blockchain community.


We have updated the EDC BLOCKCHAIN wallet, turning it into a multipurpose tool with a simple interface.

Wallet Features

  • The ability to store any tokens issued on the EDC Blockchain.
  • Multi-currency support.
  • Accessibility on all platforms and browsers.
  • Fast and secure transactions.
  • The functionality of sending coins to the masternode from the personal wallet
Open your wallet

An accessible leasing program

The emission of EDC bonus coins is effected in accordance with the LPoS (Leased-proof-of-Stake) algorithm using masternodes.

Masternode is a kind of pool in which users send their coins on lease. Thus, they allow the node to issue new EDC coins and receive rewards.

You do not need to keep the computer turned on and perform complex actions. Just transfer the coins to leasing and get new EDC coins to your wallet every day.

Learn more about Masternode

EDC BLOCKCHAIN Coin Constructor

Do you want to create your own cryptocurrency? You can do it on the EDC BLOCKCHAIN platform.

You do not need powerful computing equipment, services of programmers, as well as you don’t need to buy hosting. The platform will do all these things for you, including even complex programming. Just check your custom settings - and get started!

Learn more about the Constructor
Road map
November-December 2019
Crowdfunding platform launch
On the platform, entrepreneurs from the community will be able to exhibit their business projects and conduct a crowdfunding program, using the coin constructor to create a token for their own project, to expand and scale their projects
February 2020
New website EDC blockchain
New modern multi-functional web portal for access to all EDC Blockchain services
March 2020
New support bot AI
Implementing AI support bot to help users and track community needs
June 2020
The platform for your own marketing campaigns
Launch of a general marketing platform that will allow conducting marketing campaigns for each business project provided by the community and attracting the target audience to these projects to increase the turnover of goods and the consumption of services
September 2020
Discount platform for the EDC community
Launch of a common discounts platform and loyalty for representatives of business projects within the community. The introduction of a single bonus unit EDC in the turnover between entrepreneurs of the community
October 2020
Expanding the functionality of an AI assistant
Extension of AI bot function on the loyalty platform
March 2021
Smart contract constructor
Launch of the smart contract constructor for international trade and economic activity
June 2021
Exchange online platform
Built platform for the exchange goods and services within the community using EDC coins. More than 1 million representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in one ecosystem
August 2021
Mutual lending platform
Launching a mutual lending program in goods and services using the smart contract constructor
October 2021
Charity program
Launch of the EDC blockchain Charity Program - automatic deduction through smart contracts
Project Advisors

Young K Choe

Young K Choe is the CEO of Crypto Valley Lab, specializing in the development of blockchain solutions, artificial intelligence, and decentralized finance. Young is also the CSO at 3KFinance, a company specializing in DeFi and cybersecurity. Young lives in the USA and has a computer science degree from the University of North Carolina, also he is a professor at Yonsei University in Korea. Young Choe has executive experience at many major technology companies, such as NVIDIA, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, BMC Software, and 3Ksoftware. Young also has extensive experience in the field of crypto-investments and ICOs, is an ICObench expert, director of the Open Source Software Foundation and editor of “Blockchain Today” magazine.

George Han

George Han is presently Principal at The Deal Makers - an entity dedicated to advising companies in their token fundraise and equity capital raise. Through the platform, he hopes to bring together serious investors and quality businesses, run by dedicated founders, and create disruptive winners in the industries. He had helped over 20 businesses in their business proposition. Over the past year, he had the good fortune to advise 20 businesses in their ICO campaign and worked closely with founders in navigating the difficult terrain of token economy, community management, marketing and investment strategy. Before his involvement with the blockchain and crypto industries, he co-managed an incubator at a top Singapore university for 6 years. During his tenure, he validated over 500 startups and facilitated the creation of 80 tech startups. He always has a strong interest in helping thriving startups develop their growth strategies and raise funds in realizing their vision. Based in Singapore, George graduated from the National University of Singapore, one of the top global institution and has a MBA from the University of Hull.