Grow Your Business with EDC Coin! |

Grow Your Business with EDC Coin!

To all entrepreneurs who use or want to apply EDC coin in their business! 

You can start using banners as outdoor advertising promoting the acceptance of EDC coins in exchange for goods and services in your shop. 

Follow EDC Blockchain website> Footer> Banners to see the banners or click download

EDC banners can be used by companies providing services in the tertiary sector, catering (restaurants, cafes, pastry shops), as you can easily hang it on your storefront window, hotel, and restaurant business, as well as to promote the production of goods and provide information and marketing services.

Applying EDC coins in your business is an additional opportunity to acquire potential customers represented by EDC users in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, where our community is developing.

With the EDC coin, you can increase loyalty and the number of new users by running promotions, providing bonuses to employees, making discounts for regular customers, and giving coins for placing reviews. Satisfied customers are a valuable resource that helps develop your company and makes it recognizable. 

Grow your business with EDC Blockchain! 

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