Getting a Car For EDC Bonuses? Easily! |

Getting a Car For EDC Bonuses? Easily!

Not so long ago we wrote about a major event when an Indian user purchased property with EDC coins, while this weekend in Nigeria, another dream came true for a user who bought a car for EDC!!!

Moreover, the entire amount spent on the car consisted only of bonus rewards received from leasing EDC Blockchain coins. This means that the happy owner of a Pontiac Vibe has retained all her initial funds, using only the accruals she received from the masternode for renting her assets!

The seller was one of the Nigerian community leaders Femi Jagede.

Using EDC coins as a means of payment for the car is an excellent demonstration of the possibilities provided by EDC Blockchain, being an example of how blockchain can be used in everyday life!

With EDC Blockchain tools, you can not only make money and buy a house, a car or go travel but also pay for all these things without any extra fees thanks to our blockchain!

We are sure that this is only the beginning! Tokenization of the economy will allow people to get all the advantages provided by EDC, such as security, speed and the ability to manage life via a smartphone!

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