Follow Your Dream with EDC Bonus Coin! |

Follow Your Dream with EDC Bonus Coin!

Why are people looking for new opportunities? First of all, for the sake of a dream! For what purpose does an engineer with twenty years of experience decide to change a job, which coincides with his or her ambitions, or suddenly buys stocks, starts trading or opens an online store? Why are more people interested in blockchain technology?

The answer will be the same: they are driven by a dream!

Everyone has a dream. Someone wants to buy a brand new car, while another one wants to do repairs or to see the world. Some people would like just to increase their income or create a financial source of constant income. In any case, all these people will need a way or tool to implement their plans.

The EDC bonus coin (Every Day Coin) was created to help people reach their goals. Each EDC holder has the opportunity to exchange their coins for any other coins or fiat money or even for almost any goods and services on a partner marketplace.

Another EDC coin feature is the ability to bring you bonus accruals! The famous German financier Bodo Schäfer in his book on financial literacy for children, “The Alphabet of Money”, compares money and interest with a goose that lays golden eggs: if the goose is your money, then golden eggs are bonuses that this goose gives. The main lesson of this story is that you should by no means “cut a goose that lays golden eggs”, i.e, waste your money. But you can live on an income that the goose "gives" and realize your ambitions.

EDC Blockchain users, who hold their coins in their wallet and lease them to a masternode, receive daily bonus coins on their balance! If you want to find out the details and start receiving leasing bonuses, open the “Coin Leasing” section.

Could you imagine that you spend only these bonuses on various purchases? It turns out that you are spending exactly the “golden eggs”, while your “goose” remains completely intact, and is also able to “lay” new coins for you.

The best proof of the effectiveness of such company strategy was the real business cases in our community in 2019!

Many EDC Blockchain community members have collected enough bonuses and could make large and expensive purchases. Our user in India fulfilled his dream with bonus accruals and bought a new house! EDC holders bought brand new cars in Nigeria, Indonesia, India, and Pakistan! You can buy gadgets in China for EDC coins! In Turkey, entrepreneurs provide the opportunity to pay for their services with EDC coins. A world tour can be bought for EDC in one of the Nigerian travel agencies!

Each of you can register for EDC Blockchain, purchase your first EDC coins and start receiving bonus accruals to live according to the financial principles of successful and wealthy people!

EDC Blockchain platform will do the rest!

Join us to start a journey to catch your dream!