Exchange of EDCB Token to EDC Coin |

Exchange of EDCB Token to EDC Coin

Dear users, 

The exchange process of the EDCB token (BEP-20) to an EDC coin is starting on our platform. To exchange the EDCB token (BEP-20) to the EDC coin, please transfer your tokens to the address below between March 29th, 11:00 (GMT+1) and April 4th, 00:00 (GMT+1). The EDC coin will be credited manually starting April 5th, 00:00 (GMT+1). 

Send the EDCB tokens (BEP-20) to the following address: 0xb9D144a5242a609D1765925Ee9d6301377A789F9

How to transfer a token from an EDC Blockchain Wallet 

1. Open the “Finances” section in your personal wallet  

2. Select "Withdraw BEP-20” 

3. Select “BNB” and enter the maximum number of tokens by clicking on the MAX button 

4. Enter the address, and click "Withdraw". 

Reminder: to withdraw the EDCB tokens, please take into account the commission in the BSC network 

To track the transaction, use the explorer   

5. Please wait for the EDC coins be credited to your EDC Wallet 

Note! Users who keep their EDCB (BEP-20) tokens on external wallets also need to transfer their tokens to the above address. 

You can get help and ask any questions in the official EDC Blockchain chat or using the support button on the website. 

Thank you for your support!