Exchange EDC-20 Tokens at a 1:20 Ratio! |

Exchange EDC-20 Tokens at a 1:20 Ratio!

Please note that binding the exchange rate of the EDC-20 token to the EDC coin in the 1:20 ratio will be disabled on April 21, 2020! It is planned that the exchange rate of EDC-20 tokens will be formed in a market manner based on quotes from Bit-z crypto exchange for the EDC/USD pair.

Until April 21, you still have the opportunity to exchange your tokens for coins in a ratio of 1 to 20! During this time, for one EDC-20 token, you get 20 EDC coins that you can lease and continue to receive rewards!

Also, starting on April 21, you can buy EDC-20 tokens on partner exchanges to take part in the large-scale Airdrop and receive even more tokens! To do this, register on the Bit-z or Bitribe exchanges, buy EDC-20 tokens, and hold them on these exchanges during the promotion! All participants will receive from 3% to 5% of additional tokens only for holding tokens on these exchanges! Read more here!

Exchange tokens and receive bonuses in Airdrop or lease your coins for more rewards! EDC Blockchain will help you with this!

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