Everything You Would Like to Know About Blockchain. EDC Blockchain Meetup Held in Xiamen |

Everything You Would Like to Know About Blockchain. EDC Blockchain Meetup Held in Xiamen

On November 30, 2019, in the Chinese city of Xiamen, a large seminar and presentation of EDC Blockchain and ECRO System projects took place at our official office!

The event was attended by Vaz Eghiazar, CEO of ECRO Chain Holding, which manages the EDC Blockchain platform and global ECRO System projects!

The meetup participants had a great opportunity to personally communicate with Vaz, ask questions about products, and discuss the details of cooperation.

The interest in the functionality of the EDC Blockchain Wallet is explained by several factors, one of which is that the use of the EDC Wallet gives a full guarantee of security of your funds thanks to the blockchain technology!

Using one of the fastest and most secure Graphene protocol, transactions in the EDC system are confirmed in a few seconds! Plus, what is most important, the EDC Blockchain Wallet makes it possible to take advantage of all the platform products at once!

At the meeting, participants could get acquainted with the functionality of the mobile version of the multifunctional EDC Blockchain Wallet.

Participants showed a great interest in the opportunity to receive daily rewards thanks to leasing EDC coins to a masternode! Thus, all guests learned more about the EDC Blockchain advanced functionality. These are the red envelope and code package functions, which are great for holding loyalty promotions and expanding your target audience!

EDC Blockchain speaker and community manager in China Inga introducing the innovative blockchain ECRO marketplace.

A lot of attention was paid to the opportunities that the advanced ECRO marketplace opens up for both vendors and users. This element of the ecosystem brings together consumers and producers from all over the world and allows them to safely interact using blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence!

ECRO System also presented to participants other ecosystem products, such as the educational ECRO Academy for the development in the blockchain area, the BitcoBit crypto exchange, the ECRO P2P exchange platform, and ECRO Startup, the platform for implementing user projects.

More than a hundred guests and EDC community participants visited the event. The meeting provided participants with a lot of positive emotions and useful knowledge, which open up new opportunities to develop and receive stable rewards!

After the event, many participants stayed to take photos and get to know representatives of our projects and CEO of ECRO Chain Holding Vaz Eghiazar!

Vaz expressed gratitude to all Chinese participants for attending the event and participating in the development of our company in China! Vaz emphasized that the Chinese audience is one of the most active, and he will be happy to return to Xiamen to continue adapting the latest blockchain technologies in the Chinese market!

The EDC and ECRO community members can expect many more educational workshops, seminars and events, as we plan to expand and open new representative offices of EDC Blockchain and ECRO System in China!

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