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We Know That You Were Waiting for This Video!

Now, we can assume the fact that Katerin became a real YouTube star! Thanks to our charming video presenter, we receive many positive reviews of our YouTube channel from the community members!

The great news is that a new Katerin's video is already on our YouTube channel and is available for watching! Yes, you can watch it right now and be the first to know about the latest news on the world of EDC Blockchain and E-CROWD System!

For example, you might not know in which country of the world the first big ECRO Place was opened for our project partners, or how many bitcoins investors sell daily to buy EDC coins! Is it true that that very soon, you will be able to buy chocolate wine on our marketplace? What is the daily EDC volume on one of the largest crypto exchanges, and how much has your potential bonus for coin leasing increased? In addition, would you like to know what else was tested, improved and progressed last week?

Learn about this and much more in this video! We are sure you will enjoy it! We will be happy if you like and share this video with your friends!

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