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EDC Workshop in Turkey: We Are Sure That You Can Earn More!

On August 6, 2019, an EDC seminar was held in the Turkish city of Eskisehir for participants of our Turkish community.

Our international leaders continue to develop the EDC Blockchain project and the E-Crowd Ecosystem, significantly increasing the projects’ audience in different regions!

The speaker of the event, Fatih AKÇA, presented all the products of the EDC Blockchain platform and independent ECRO system, and also spoke about the innovations that are currently being implemented on our platform.

During the seminar, the guests of the meeting received comprehensive answers to the main questions: why an increasing number of users around the world choose EDC Blockchain? How to receive even more bonuses to your wallet using the new EDC marketing program? What is our independent ECRO system and what benefits does it give its users?

Thus, an active discussion regarding EDC coins leasing was held. The audience’s interest in this issue is quite natural since the EDC platform provides users with the opportunity to receive bonuses simply by leasing their EDC coins to ECRO supernode directly from their wallet!

During the seminar, speakers paid special attention to E-Crowd products.

The participants of the meeting were highly interested in the advanced ECRO Marketplace, which is part of the global self-sustaining ECRO system, built on the EDC blockchain.

ECRO Marketplace is a platform based on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. It combines real business with consumers and investors in one place, guaranteeing the security of user assets, as well as providing the opportunity to implement your own projects with the support of our vast community!

Our ECRO system is a large community consisting of producers, consumers, and investors, who mutually complement each other, ensuring the organic growth of the project and the success of each individual participant!

Due to EDC seminars, which are led by our leaders in all corners of the world, we are fulfilling our mission to build a fully independent global ecosystem and promote blockchain technology to the masses.

We believe that this technology is the future, therefore, we are fully confident in the successful development of our projects. Thus, our success is also both your success and comprehensive development!

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