EDC Weekly Digest: New Functionality and Server Optimization in China for Instant Transactions |

EDC Weekly Digest: New Functionality and Server Optimization in China for Instant Transactions

This is a traditional weekly digest from EDC Blockchain technical experts! Regular improvements of some important components and programs have been undertaken this week. The improvements will significantly expand the functionality and stability of the platform. The improvements include the following:

Development of iOS-based mobile applications for the EDC Wallet.Convenient user interface modules are being added (user profile, multilingualism option, and managing the display and sorting of coins).

Web version of the wallet. Work is underway to improve efficiency and optimize the program.

New powerful server in China. Work is underway to test and optimize the server for sustaining the stability of the entire network.

Updating cryptocurrency nodes. The company's specialists are working on updating cryptocurrency nodes of the blockchain network and optimizing their work to maintain the stability of the platform.

Development of the functionality of decentralized cryptocurrency wallets. Thanks to a special plugin, EDC Blockchain will be integrated into the Chrome Extension hub. This will allow users to adapt the functionality to their individual needs when working with EDC wallets.

Anonymous transactions module. This functionality will be available for use immediately after cryptocurrency exchanges have been updated. The development process is in its final stage.

Development of checks and the red envelope. The functionality is ready for use. It will be available immediately after the cryptocurrency exchange updates have been completed.

Our programmers and company managers work every day to make sure that EDC Blockchain users get the best blockchain products that can be used in everyday life! Our goal is to popularize blockchain technologies and global tokenization of the economy through ready-made solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as an extensive program of cooperation with investors.

Stay with us!

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