EDC Weekly Digest: Improving the Leasing Function and Other Upgrades |

EDC Weekly Digest: Improving the Leasing Function and Other Upgrades

This is a traditional weekly digest from EDC Blockchain technical experts! Regular improvements of some important components and programs have been undertaken this week.

Mobile EDC wallet

For owners of EDC wallets for Android / iOS devices, our programmers develop additional mobile applications that allow access to the full functionality of the EDC Blockchain platform.

For safe and convenient management of the leasing of your assets, a special functional module “Leasing” is tested and optimized.

We remind you that you can receive daily bonuses in automatic mode! To do this, open the “Leasing” section in your wallet and send any amount, starting from EDC 30,000, to the masternode. It is important that you remain the full owner of your coins, which the system will only freeze for the duration of your chosen leasing term.

In addition, last week we also have been integrating the mobile application with its server logic (back-end).

Web version of the EDC wallet

Work on increasing the page loading speed, visual rendering, and loading additional wallet functionality continues. Web wallet optimization is aimed at maximum user comfort when working in an unstable Internet connection.

Optimization of cryptocurrency nodes and increasing the fault tolerance of the blockchain network

Optimization of cryptocurrency nodes that store transaction history in the blockchain network will help improve their throughput to protect the entire EDC blockchain. Thus, the level of network fault tolerance that our IT engineers are working on affects the speed of transaction confirmation and therefore the scalability of the EDC blockchain.

That's all for now. Stay with EDC Blockchain and see you next week!