8436 EDC News Digest №4

EDC Blockchain team is here! As always, we have only good news, as we are fixing bugs and constantly introducing the new updates!

Do you remember that we promised you something special in our previous digest?

Read below to find out more!

1. Commission fee burn is implemented in the EDC system

Earlier we used the quarterly method of burning EDC coins, while now each of your transactions increases the price of the coin. That’s how it works :)

2. New unified commission conditions for all coins are established in the EDC system

How does an investor with a thousand coins differ from an investor with a hundred thousand coins? It is no different aside from capital. Therefore, we have equalized opportunities so that everyone can earn!

3. The system is updated to match the latest version of Bitshares

Now our platform has the same features and capabilities as BitShares.

4. The display of the number of new users per 24h in the account is updated

Now all transactions are carried out instantly in the EDC blockchain, while before there was a delay of 5-10 seconds.

5. The functionality of the admin panel for the analytics department is improved

The administration will always be able to view current data and ensure that all accruals occur correctly. Thus, the admin panel is used by our support team to view the information in a timely manner and serve the needs of users.

You will find out about other updates in our next digest. Do not miss it!

Have a productive week,

EDC Blockchain Team