EDC Blockchain EDC is Now Listed on Coinlib.io – EDC Blockchain
3571 EDC is Now Listed on Coinlib.io

EDC Blockchain keeps expanding its ecosystem - the EDC coin is now listed on Coinlib, as reported on the Coinlib official website.

Coinlib is one of the leading providers of cryptocurrency statistics, as well as of analytical and historical data about the crypto market. After EDC has been listed on the platform, full information about our coin will be automatically available to a multitude of third-party services integrated with Coinlib, such as crypto trackers, analytical agencies, stats visualization services, and various crypto rating services.

EDC Blockchain is constantly widening the range of exchanges and services that support EDC. We are also working on enlarging our audience and increasing the liquidity of our coin. You can consult the latest EDC prices on Coinlib here.

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