EDC Event Marathon Held in Lagos, Nigeria! |

EDC Event Marathon Held in Lagos, Nigeria!

On July 16, 2019, the first EDC Blockchain workshop was held in the big city of Lagos as part of the four-day event marathon in Nigeria, which runs until July 20, 2019!

The speaker of this seminar was Arolahun Adekunle, the leader of the EDC community in Nigeria, with more than twenty years of experience in running his own online business.

The participants of the workshop discussed all the latest events and news about the EDC Blockchain platform.

A significant topic for consideration was the speech of the EDC Blockchain CEO Vaz Eghiazar at WBSM Marvels in Singapore, where EDC and ECRO projects were presented to investors from over 20 countries!

Thus, the participants of the meeting were among the first to know about the plans of the EDC Blockchain management to launch a cryptocurrency exchange in Indonesia as part of the global ecosystem expansion program!

In addition, the guests considered in detail all relevant developments for the interaction of producers and consumers of goods and services on the ECRO Marketplace.

They also learned about both the upcoming release of the BitcoBit cryptocurrency exchange and the integration of the internal decentralized P2P exchange, as well as about the optimization and expansion of the EDC decentralized cryptocurrency wallet functionality.

Nigerian users actively discussed the possibility of leasing EDC coins to the supernode to receive automatic bonuses.

We remind you that this seminar was only the opening part of the EDC event marathon in Lagos!

We are waiting for all those who are interested in new opportunities for the development of their business with the help of our ecosystem at the upcoming meetings, which will be held until July 20, 2019!

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