EDC Digest: Wallet Improvements |

EDC Digest: Wallet Improvements

We know that the key to success is continuous functionality improvement. We provide the best service due to meticulous work our specialists constantly perform. EDC Blockchain platform boasts: 

  • the latest technologies for business, such as a “code package” and “red envelope”,
  • its own blockchain using Graphene technology, which was supplemented with many modifications, 
  • lightning-fast transfers (up to 100,000 transactions per second), 
  • the functionality of tokenizing existing businesses joining the EDC, 
  • getting bonuses for leasing their coins to large pools.

More specifics: what kind of technical work is going on in the system this week?

We are developing Android/iOS mobile applications for the EDC wallet to reach a new level of engagement and accessibility of our service for the user when working on a smartphone or tablet.


  1. An additional level of protection is being developed to provide the functionality of using two-factor authentication, which will further increase the reliability of the wallet.
  2. We’re working on adding a user balance recalculation in relation to the dollar which will reduce the level of energy consumption and add convenience.
  3. We’re adding the “News” section to your mobile wallet which will allow you to always be in the know and track events that will help you better navigate the world of blockchain.
  4. Testing and processing user feedback in the process of updating the platform will allow you to take the place that you have long deserved in our system: our company is built around our clients.
  5. For android devices, we are working on optimizing the user registration and authorization module to improve the wallet. This will optimize the effectiveness of internal procedures and save you time when entering the wallet.

EDC Blockchain Platform

We continue to work on clustering and scaling the EDC Blockchain platform in order to provide higher reliability and availability of the platform in various parts of the world. Our users are located in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America. In addition to optimizing applications, we are increasing the level of efficiency and speed of the EDC Wallet web version for those users who prefer to work in a browser. And in order to reduce the level of failures and lags to the very minimum, we are optimizing the operation of cryptocurrency nodes of the blockchain network (and network fault tolerance).

Our goal is 100% transparency. We have a tremendous desire to see as many happy people as possible who use the services of the EDC Blockchain platform being all they can be.

See you in the next digest!