EDC Digest: New Server in Taiwan and Other Developments of the Week |

EDC Digest: New Server in Taiwan and Other Developments of the Week

Every week the EDC Blockchain technical team develops new platform modules that increase the capabilities of users when working with their crypto assets on our platform.

We want to change our products to your irreplaceable assistants in the world of finance and blockchain.

EDC Web Wallet

The statistics of using our wallet show a great demand for conducting transactions in the browser environment. That's why we regularly improve the performance of the web version of our wallet thanks to constant optimization. This allows you to keep the speed of loading pages and data within 1-2 seconds.

EDC Mobile Wallet

We continue to develop mobile wallet apps for Android / iOS.

Last week, we have been optimizing the modules for leasing coins and modernizing the history of transactions and data on deposits. Convenience when working with your own funds is one of the main requests of EDC wallets owners.


After introducing the possibility of acquiring a masternode, we are adding functionalities for its effective use. Modules to extend the service life and receive dividends for the use of the masternode are being developed. Owning masternodes is the next step for those who work with the coin leasing function, receiving daily automatic bonuses.

Hosting a New Server in Taiwan

We are working on organizing another Asian server that will be hosted in Taiwan. This will make the work of the entire Asian community more stable and increase not only the speed of services, but also the fault tolerance of the network.

That's all for now! Thank you for choosing EDC Blockchain products, inspiring us to work daily on creating tools for the implementation of blockchain into the modern economy.

See you soon!