EDC News Digest №2 |

EDC News Digest №2

The good news of the week!

While spring is in full bloom, our IT specialists are continuing to work assiduously towards the attainment of our common objectives. Over the week, they made a number of changes and updates that are aimed at improving the convenience of interaction with the platform.

What results have our specialists achieved?

1. Operation of Nodes on Exchanges Is Improved

Over the past week, small delays in the operation of nodes have been detected. Successfully fixed!

2. 1 Billion Coins Have Burned

Fuelling the fire! As you already know, coin burn is an effective way to maintain the EDC value. Over the weekend, another billion coins were destroyed.

3. EDC Information Has Been Updated on Coinmarketcap

Along with coin burn, our team has updated all the EDC data on coinmarketcap. Check it here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/edc-blockchain/

4. Problems Are Eliminated and the Leasing Functionality Has Been Finalized

Some small fixes and improvements. You will not even notice them, but it only became better :)

5. Leasing Data of All Users Is Now Observed in the Blockchain Explorer

Full transparency! Find your username in the list or check it out how much other users earn. Data is available at the link: https://explorer.blockchain.mn/rich-list

Something special is waiting for you! Follow our news and do not miss the next digest!

Have a productive week!