The EDC Coin Exchange Rate Analysis and Springboard for Growth |

The EDC Coin Exchange Rate Analysis and Springboard for Growth

On November 20, 2019, the EDC coin price showed its all-time high! Therefore, EDC Blockchain continues to reach new heights and current rates indicate a strong momentum.

According to the world source Coinmarketcap, in one day the EDC coin price increased by 18% against the US dollar and 20% against Bitcoin, while the trading volumes exceeded $1 million.

EDC coin indicators on November 20, 2019. Source:

The EDC Blockchain capitalization exceeded $35 million making the EDC coin move immediately to the 59th place in the world ranking of blockchain projects!

“Top 100 Coins by Market Capitalization”, Coinmarketcap.

We would like to remind you that these days EDC Blockchain representatives are visiting the global Marvels summit, which is held in Seoul. It is dedicated to the development and regulation of the blockchain industry, the latest technological innovations and the applicability of blockchain in various economy sectors.

The reaction of the Asian and primarily Korean crypto communities to the presentation of EDC, negotiations, and discussion round tables once again demonstrate the accuracy of our company's development strategy!

We congratulate all partners, employees, and users of the platform on the lasting uptrend and the new successes of EDC Blockchain in the global market!

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