Swapping EDC Coin to EDC (ERC20) Token on the Exchanges! |

Swapping EDC Coin to EDC (ERC20) Token on the Exchanges!

Dear participants of our global community!

On all exchanges, the EDC coin is being swapped to the EDCe token (erc20), therefore, EDC deposits and withdrawals are stopped. Please withdraw your EDC coins from exchange wallets to your EDC Blockchain wallets withing the period March 12- March 19, 2020!

You can exchange your EDC coins for EDCe tokens directly in the EDC Blockchain wallet starting from March 12, 2020. All EDC features, including leasing bonuses and all blockchain tools, will remain for use on our platform!

EDCe token is created for trading and has great prospects for development thanks to the universal ERC-20 standard, which is compatible with most modern wallets! This will allow you to list EDCe on the most popular and liquid crypto exchanges and get additional bonuses of 1%! Learn more

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