EDC Blockchain Weekly News Digest |

EDC Blockchain Weekly News Digest

Our global goal is to become the leaders of the cryptocurrency market in providing services for the tokenization of small and medium-sized private businesses and create market conditions for the free exchange of goods and services in the crypto field. To do this, our developers daily improve and update the technical foundation of the EDC Blockchain platform. Now we will tell you about the main releases on the platform over the past week.

Active improvement and expansion of the functionality of mobile applications of the EDC mobile wallet for Android / iOS continues. This week, the applications’ functionality will be supplemented with the ability to control the display of coins and their sorting, so that users can quickly navigate on their balances pages and find the required coins. Besides, informative user screens of the mobile applications are being developed, which will help new users to understand the functionality of applications and greatly simplify the interaction with our wallets.

Scheduled work is underway to optimize the network and increase the overall speed of processes taking place on EDC blockchain. Thanks to the constant work of our programmers in this direction, every week the EDC blockchain becomes more and more productive, which allows us to significantly expand our user base at a fast pace without losing the speed of transactions on our blockchain.

The web version of the EDC Blockchain wallet goes through a process of constant adaptation and changes in accordance with the most demanding users’ requests, which makes the work of this program as comfortable and safe as possible. New features are added to the wallet’s functionality, which is dictated by the conditions of the constantly evolving cryptocurrency market.

See you next week, where you will find more important information on the current updates of our platform! We do not stop our efforts to bring EDC Blockchain products to a whole new level to allow our community growing even faster and developing blockchain technology around the world!