EDC Blockchain Weekly News Digest |

EDC Blockchain Weekly News Digest

This is a technical digest from the EDC Blockchain developers team with a description of all the innovations for the week. The work is carried out in the following areas:

EDC wallet mobile applications for Android/iOS

The EDC Blockchain mobile wallet for iOS devices has been released. It includes a module for leasing funds and controlling the receipt of funds! Along with this, IT-specialists analyze and develop modules for generating and processing code packages in mobile applications for both operating systems - iOS and Android. Now, advanced transaction functionality is becoming available to mobile device owners!

Comprehensive work to optimize the network and improve its fault tolerance

The platform’s active audience is growing rapidly. To ensure that the growth in the number of users does not affect the transaction speed in the EDC Blockchain network, developers are optimizing the work of cryptocurrency nodes every week, which increases the platform's performance and allows conducting up to 100,000 transactions per second.

Optimization of the EDC wallet web version 

When using the web version of the EDC Blockchain wallet, you get access to all the company's services at once. To combine all the wide functionality in one convenient program, our developers do not cease to increase the performance of the web version and timely monitor and eliminate the occurrence of bugs.

That's all for today! Join the EDC community, as together we are building the best blockchain ecosystem for additional bonuses and business development in the field of the latest blockchain technologies!

See you next week!