EDC Blockchain Weekly Digest |

EDC Blockchain Weekly Digest

The EDC Blockchain platform provides its users with round-the-clock access from anywhere in the world to their funds, high-speed secure transactions, and package solutions for business tokenization, which allows them to scale up any projects and outperform competitors at the customer service level.

Our developers are engaged in ensuring uninterrupted operation of the platform, regularly present new releases and expand the existing functionality. 

Here is a digest of technical works, which we focused on last week.

EDC wallets

  • For the Android application, a module to generate a check code is being developed. With this module, you can create your own check codes to transfer funds to other users or use them in your business projects for marketing purposes.
  • Now you can access your iOS wallet, so it means that we are continuing our testing and bug-fixing activities to ensure that your application runs as fast as you can update your social media feeds.
  • The web version of the EDC wallet. We regularly optimize the web wallets to improve their performance and security in all operations, whether you work with Opera, Chrome or Firefox. Your transactions will remain fully under your control in any environment.

Cryptocurrency nodes

If you've been nervous that it takes much time to confirm your Bitcoin transaction by the network, you should know it is related to the work of cryptocurrency nodes. Optimization of the operation of our nodes allows us to maintain the speed of EDC transactions at the level of 1-2 seconds.

Blockchain network

The main user expectations for blockchain technology are speed, safety and reliability. The EDC Blockchain team's approach is to increase the speed by providing reliability first, not the other way around, so last week we worked on our network resiliency parameters. 

That's all for now! 

See you in one week!