EDC Blockchain Weekly Digest |

EDC Blockchain Weekly Digest

The EDC Blockchain strategy to provide practical tools for implementing blockchain into all areas of life can be achieved only through constant modification of ready-made products and development of new solutions.

Let’s take a look at the main areas that we worked on last week.

EDC Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Nodes

Our experts are specifically focused on improving the speed of transactions and the reliability of the network.

We are making the work of the cryptocurrency nodes more stable so that our users could lease their coins and get rewards for generating blocks in the network. This helps increase the speed of transaction processing along with the growth of the user base.

Thanks to the hard work of our developers, the average block confirmation time in the network is only a few seconds, which allows reaching high speed of 100,000 TpS in order to make instant transactions at any load level.

Web Version of the EDC Wallet

Our developers are constantly optimizing the program to make it more user-friendly. Due to that, you can effectively manage your funds and use all the company services in any browser.

EDC Wallet Mobile Apps

Last week, we continued testing and debugging the leasing functionality, which maintains the work of the service at a higher level. It allows you to quickly lease your coins to a masternode and timely receive your leasing rewards.

Together with our community, we are building a fully independent blockchain ecosystem where anyone can benefit from use the new digital technologies! Thank you for choosing us!

See you next week!