EDC Blockchain Weekly Digest |

EDC Blockchain Weekly Digest

This is a traditional issue of EDC Blockchain digest especially for you! 

We are making progress in developing, launching and optimizing all elements of the EDC Blockchain architecture with a clear marketing concept. As a reminder, our goal is global tokenization of business, popularization of blockchain technology and creation of blockchain-based tools for everyday life.

Last week the EDC Blockchain team focused on the following important tasks:

We continue to work on improving the best Android app for your EDC mobile wallets: Our programmers worked to improve the security of the application, which is a priority for cryptocurrency. Soon, your application will have an auto-lock function for long periods of non-use. This will prevent accidental or undesirable operations when resuming access to your gadget or computer.

In addition, we continue to improve wallets for your iOS devices:

Almost ready to control the positioning of coins in the wallet. This will improve the efficiency and ease of investment analysis of your crypto-portfolio.

We continue to optimize the operation of cryptocurrency nodes of the blockchain network and network fault tolerance.

The cryptosphere requires a constant balance between the result and the process. Advantages of cryptocurrencies are safety, speed and anonymity. These advantages can only be provided by the stable operation of all components and nodes. We guarantee our users the reliability of the platform.

We improve performance and optimize the web version of the EDC wallet. In the production of our web version, we proceed not only from the goals and functionality, but also from the task of gaining a competitive advantage in the market. This is achieved by thorough analysis and improvement of known disadvantages of such programs. The main ones are speed, responsiveness, browser compatibility and security. 

That's all for now! Thank you for choosing EDC Blockchain!