EDC Blockchain Weekly Digest |

EDC Blockchain Weekly Digest

The EDC Blockchain platform technical team wishes all users a Happy New Year and is ready to share with you the results of the most extensive work in our system.

For all versions of EDC Wallets, i.e, iOS, Android and web versions, we continue to develop new features and improvements.

EDC Wallet for iOS devices

The "Favorite Transactions" functional module is being developed. It will allow users to add transactions to "Favorites" so that they can quickly find them if necessary. This will significantly save time and, most importantly, protect users from accidental incorrect data entry.

Besides the "Favorite Transactions" module, fully prepared modules "Check Code", "Red Envelope" and "Address Book" are tested. After the completion of the testing phase, this functionality will be ready for release.

EDC Wallet for Android devices 

Work to change the calculation of commissions and restrictions on the number of coins available for simultaneous leasing is in progress. We would like to remind you that in 2020 changes in leasing conditions are being made.

EDC Wallet web version

In line with the ever-increasing market demand for transaction processing in a browser environment, our programmers are improving the performance of the web wallet and optimizing it. The convenience of the web version is that the user does not need to load a wallet on your computer. This is important, for example, when working with a public computer in travel or airports.

That's all for now! We will see you in one week to keep you up to date with the latest news on technical innovations, releases, and improvements to our multifunctional platform.