2966 EDC Blockchain Together with ECROFund Holds an Event in Izmir, Turkey

On June 21, 2019, the EDC team will present the ECROFund project in the Turkish city of Izmir at İzmir Ontur Otel.

One of the main missions of the EDC Blockchain platform is tokenization of small and medium businesses using ECROFund along with building a global community as the main way of promoting the EDC coin. This event will be held within the framework of this mission.

We invite the progressive Turkish community and novice crypto-enthusiasts as well as all those interested in the development of the classic business with the help of EDC Blockchain to get acquainted with the innovations of our platform.

Speaker of the event and community leader of EDC Blockchain in Turkey İhsan Kalbent

Speakers list:

1. İhsan Kalbent

2. Kostiuk Vitaliy

3. Saveliev Alex

Phone: 0553 584 3790

Event start: 8.00 pm

Address: Ontur Otel Gazi Bulvarı No:130 Çankaya/İzmir