EDC Blockchain to Be Updated |

EDC Blockchain to Be Updated

On May 13, 2020, EDC Blockchain updates the nodes and tests the functionality to launch and manage the masternodes. The new functionality of commissions for transactions and its testing is also carried out.

On May 14, 2020, at 15:00 (GMT+8) EDC Blockchain network will release a number of updates, changing the rules of the EDC algorithms. From now on, the new functionality of commissions will start to work on the platform, and it will be available to create a masternodes to get additional bonuses for managing the masternodes and receiving leasing deposits.

Updates include the following: 

  • Fees for ordinary transfers, cheque codes, and "red envelopes" will be 0.1% of the transaction amount
  • Fee for anonymous transactions is 1% of the transaction amount
  • There is no fee for working with tokens and coins created with the EDC Blockchain Coin Constructor
  • The minimum deposit for participation in the leasing program will amount to $300 in EDC equivalent at the current exchange rate

We increase the efficiency of the EDC Blockchain network and all its components, make the work on the platform convenient and more functional for all EDC community members! This promotes active user participation in the development of both the platform and our community, helping the company reach the next higher level!

Improve your life with EDC Blockchain!