EDC Blockchain Technologies: You Always Get More with Us! |

EDC Blockchain Technologies: You Always Get More with Us!

All  businesses starting from small enterprises, need to develop to operate effectively, considering all the economy’s features. To do this, the EDC Blockchain creates blockchain solutions that are necessary for each entrepreneur for running his business: a coin constructor, a code package, a red envelope, leasing rewards.

We will dwell on the coin leasing function, using which each entrepreneur receives daily bonuses, thereby forming a powerful financial base for his project.

How leasing works

The EDC Blockchain platform allows making transactions not only with high speed due to Graphene technology but also with high-efficiency thanks to the LPoS algorithm. The LPoS algorithm (“Leased Proof of Stake”) is designed in such a way that it does not consume much power, and its operation principle is much simpler than cryptocurrency mining: a masternode remotely issues coins, and users receive bonuses from its work from the very first day. Such a mechanism was chosen on the EDC Blockchain platform to encourage all network users to participate in the platform development. By sending coins to a masternode (leasing), the user receives rewards for renting his coins.

What is a masternode

A masternode is an organized pool — a computer with an EDC wallet running on it, constantly working on the network, which records the number of coins and generates new coins in the EDC blockchain.

For the pool to start working, users rent their coins to a masternode in their wallet for any selected period. This procedure is called leasing. Through leasing, everyone receives a reward in proportion to the number of coins that he transferred to the masternode.

How to get rewards?

To receive daily bonus rewards in EDC coins to your wallet, open the “Leasing” section in the EDC Blockchain wallet! Then simply set the number of coins you want to “rent”, the leasing period and send the amount to the operating ecro-fund masternode. That is all, from this moment you start to receive bonuses every day! The longer the lease term, the more bonuses you get! Read here how to use your coins and increase bonuses.

EDC Blockchain is expanding its cooperation with the Bit-Z cryptocurrency exchange, and shortly it is planned to launch a masternode on this exchange! Thanks to this, you can choose the Bit-Z masternode to transfer your coins to leasing and receive even greater rewards! You can also use EDC bonus coins for a convenient and safe exchange on Bit-Z.

Join the international EDC community today and start using high-tech and convenient blockchain services for successful work, self-realization, and additional bonuses!

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