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3090 EDC Blockchain Successfully Presented ECROFund in Lagos, Nigeria

On June 5, 2019, a new point appeared on the global map of EDC Blockchain - Nigeria, Lagos.

An EDC Blockchain seminar was held at SHEKHINA PLAZA, presenting our advanced project ECROFund in one of the largest African cities (population of the Lagos agglomeration is about 21 million people).

Guests of the event were developers and businessmen interested in the tokenization of their business with the help of EDC Blockchain, the strongest community development leaders in various online projects.

Guests gathered at Shekina Plaza NO 23 Ajao Road Off Awolowo Way Ikeja, Lagos

The speaker of the meeting Adekunle Arolahun presented to the audience EDC Blockchain technologies, not forgetting to highlight its’ key advantages:

-Speed and convenience of operations;

-Ability to create and store inside a multicurrency wallet any tokens issued on the blockchain EDC Blockchain.

The main part of the presentation was devoted to the launch of ECROFund - a consensus platform that helps small and medium businesses develop themselves using blockchain technologies, providing an innovative range of services, including an online consultant ECRA created on the basis of artificial intelligence.

Our Nigerian partners have expressed their willingness to popularize and develop the EDC community in this region, attracting new users of the EDC and ECROFund platforms.

Nigeria's community leader Adekunle Arolahun answered all the questions during the seminar, inspiring entrepreneurs to embed EDC Blockchain tools into real business
All participants received recommendations on the implementation of EDC Blockchain and ECROFund in their business…
...And they took part in joint discussions.

The next EDC Blockchain event in Nigeria will take place on June 18 at Shekina Plaza NO 23 Ajao Road Off Awolowo Way Ikeja Lagos.  And we invite everyone there.

The EDC Blockchain team will hold dozens of seminars and meetings with entrepreneurs in various regions of the world in near future.  Events have already being prepared in Turkey, Latin America, the CIS and Asia. Follow the latest news EDC and ECRO, and join our community on social networks.