EDC Blockchain Solving Problems Within DeFi Industry |

EDC Blockchain Solving Problems Within DeFi Industry

According to a Blockfolio survey, 39% of cryptocurrency users do not know how to use decentralized finances (DeFi). If you are one of them, read this article. 

What is DeFi 

DeFi are financial services and applications that operate using blockchains which allow you to trade, lend, borrow, and make payments. 

Why do we need the DeFi ecosystem? 

With DeFi, you get access to financial services using blockchain and cryptocurrencies. All DeFi processes do not rely on a person, but on open source software and decentralized networks, so they occur directly among the parties in an automatic mode. It provides users with primarily speed, lower risks due to the absence of a human factor, control over money and no intermediaries who profit from commissions. 

How to apply DeFi services

According to a World Bank study, ⅔ of people (66%) in the world do not use banking services, but own a mobile phone. With smartphones, these people get instant access to DeFi financial services and, if your company provides DeFi tools, they can use your services too. 

The EDC Blockchain platform offers ready-made decentralized solutions that can be applied in both business and everyday life. 

Creating a token for business development 

With the help of the EDC Blockchain coin constructor, each user can send a certain number of EDC coins to the system and issue their token on the EDC blockchain in a few clicks. You do not need special technical knowledge and equipment, as the token is being created by the constructor only. 

An entrepreneur can provide goods and services in exchange for their token, providing their token with marketable liquidity. 

Getting bonuses for storing coins 

DeFi users can accumulate income by storing their savings in wallets. Storing coins in the system ensures the liquidity of the coins, and in return you receive new coins that you can use at your discretion. Often, the bonus for keeping your coins on DeFi platforms exceeds the interest provided by traditional financial systems. EDC Blockchain provides a bonus of 36% per annum for keeping coins in the system. 

Convenient tools to make transactions 

You can transfer your EDC coins directly to another user, which allows you to save more than 50% of the costs that are usually spent on intermediaries services. If you conduct financial transactions frequently, it will save you not only money but also time. The platform operates using blockchain which makes it possible to carry out online transactions in up to 5 seconds. 

EDC Blockchain provides additional payment tools that makes it easier for users to work with DeFi products or services:

1) Check code. This technology allows coins to be converted into a generated code. The recipient “unpacks” the code in order for the coins to be credited to their balance. The code can be applied as gift certificates and as bonus accruals in loyalty programs and competitions. 

2) Red envelope. Coins can be transferred in the form of a generated code to several recipients. It is convenient to pay salaries to your employees using this tool. 

3) Anonymous transactions. By making an anonymous transaction, you will remain completely anonymous to the recipient. 

To use the decentralized EDC Blockchain tools and boost your sales, download the EDC Blockchain wallet for free. It will take as little time as it takes to drink a cup of coffee. No costs, no documents, no confirmation - you need just a smartphone and an installed application on it. 
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