5593 EDC Blockchain News Digest

The EDC Blockchain team has prepared a weekly digest for you. We are going to tell you about important updates on our platform. So we’ll get to the point!

The main thing is the following: a commission of 0.001 EDC is set for transactions with all currencies. Moreover, integration with exchanges has been improved for more productive and faster data exchange.

We also launched automatic tests for new system modules. Now, the problems will be detected quickly and automatically, which will allow us to resolve them much faster.

The code has been refactored. Refactoring is a controlled process of improving the code without changing functionality. Now, the code is improved and updated, which increases the speed and performance of the system.

As you can see, this week we have worked productively on a platform optimization. Therefore, all processes are faster, as well as there are no excessive delays so you could save time, as it is the most expensive resource of a person.

More interesting news coming soon! Don’t miss it!

Have a nice week!

EDC Blockchain Team