EDC Blockchain News Digest: What Have the Developers Improved Over the Past Week? |

EDC Blockchain News Digest: What Have the Developers Improved Over the Past Week?

This is a weekly news digest from the EDC Blockchain developers. This week, our experts made several technical enhancements to increase productivity and improve the performance of the EDC Blockchain platform components.

Work to optimize the performance of the block explorer and to correct errors is underway. Due to the stable operation of the explorer, platform users can easily track the transition of funds in the system.

Mobile applications for Android / iOS for the EDC mobile wallet are being developed. This week, the developers of EDC Blockchain are adjusting the display of information and optimizing the operation of wallets. The functionality of mobile applications is at the stage of beta testing.

Developers are working on deploying and configuring an additional server in China for more stable network operation. An additional server will distribute the system load and increase the performance of the entire platform.

Updating cryptocurrency nodes and optimizing their work. All EDC Blockchain users can purchase a masternode for a certain number of EDC coins and open several options for receiving bonuses from managing a purchased masternode.

The development of an anonymous money transfer module is ongoing. Developers are updating nodes on cryptocurrency exchanges, after which the anonymous transfer function will become available for all users of the platform.

The currency check module is being developed. IT specialists are updating nodes on cryptocurrency exchanges. After that, the functionality of the currency check module will be fully available.

Work is underway to improve performance and optimize the web version of the wallet. Now the storage, exchange, and trading EDC coins will become more reliable and convenient due to the optimization and increase of productivity of our decentralized wallet.

Every week, EDC Blockchain developers and technical specialists work on improving the platform and all its components. The company's goal is to create a convenient exchange system of goods and services based on the EDC platform through the introduction of blockchain technology in real business throughout the world!

See you next week!