EDC Blockchain News Digest |

EDC Blockchain News Digest

Our specialists work in different directions to ensure that the platform functionality is constantly expanded, and everyone can use its tools. We present you an overview of technical works, which were carried out by our developers last week.

Screens for initialization of mobile versions of EDC wallet for Android and iOS are being developed and also multi-language module is being tested. Thanks to the development of initialization screens, users will be able to follow the setup of  certain parameters and rules by which the work of software will be implemented. In addition, integration of the multi-lingual module will allow users from even more countries to use the mobile EDC wallet. 

Work of the network's cryptocurrency nodes is being optimized and its fault tolerance is being increased. Thanks to this, our network will work correctly and remain fully operational even in case of temporary failure of one or more of its components.

Modules of currency cheques and red envelopes are being improved. Developers add the possibility of a more accurate indication of lifetime of created currency check, which will expand the range of options for using the functionality of these modules.

The main goal of our project is to use the crypto industry to form our own global market for mass consumption of goods and services, pulling a part of the global trade turnover! To achieve this goal, our developers improve the system every day, making it as comfortable as possible for each user!

See you next week!