EDC Blockchain News Digest |

EDC Blockchain News Digest

The EDC Blockchain team prepared an overview of all the current changes in the platform's functionality, which will contribute to improving the efficiency of the system components and improving user interaction with EDC products.

Work to improve performance and optimize the web version of the wallet is underway. Specialists are optimizing the UI / UX design of the web version of the wallet, as well as developing mobile applications for Android/iOS to expand the possibilities of using the EDC wallet. The main functionality of the wallet is being tested, including the formation of transactions and the receipt of the transaction history.

Сryptocurrency nodes are being updated and optimized. These works are carried out within the framework of the general increase of efficiency, stability, and reliability of the main network components.

The functionality of the anonymous money transfer module is being tested. The module that allows conducting transactions in anonymous mode is at the stage of final integration into the platform.

The development of the currency checks module is in progress. Developers provide the possibility of adding currency checks to the user's history. Money transfer functionality and display of the checks formation is being added.