EDC Blockchain Digest |

EDC Blockchain Digest

The EDC Blockchain team is here with our weekly news digest.

Last week we worked on creating our own blockchain for the ECROFund platform. We created our own blockchain based on the EDC platform for ECROFund and transferred the entire EDC Blockchain referral structure to it, as well as user data and users’ accruals.

For the convenience of Chinese users, we are preparing to launch a special server in South Korea, which will facilitate our Chinese partners access to all EDC Blockchain services.

We are working on the development of the payment system. We plan to launch an anonymous transfer system, in which any user can send money to another user without without being able to track both the recipient and the sender.

We are also working on creating a system for generating cryptocurrency checks. Any coin owner can create a check and give it to another user for withdrawal. The introduction of such a system will complement the existing capabilities of EDC.

Have a nice day,

EDC Blockchain Team