EDC Blockchain Launches Q&A. Join Us! |

EDC Blockchain Launches Q&A. Join Us!

Dear users, 

We are launching a weekly Q&A session on Fridays! We strive to provide assistance to our community in applying EDC Blockchain tools, raise awareness of the mission and goals of the decentralized platform, as well as encourage members to be active and jointly develop in the blockchain field! 

Send us any questions you are interested in – from technical to media proposals, leave feedback, provide recommendations and suggestions by email or in the official chat on Telegram. Get answers from our developers faster! 

I can't enter my wallet. What should I do? 

1. Make sure you entered the correct wallet address in the browser bar: https://wallet.blockchain.mn/. The registration page will open. 

2. Select “login” to the wallet. 

3. Make sure you have access to your brainkey. Enter it in the special field. 

Note. Loss of brainkey leads to loss of account access. Each user receives a brainkey when registering an account. Brainkey consists of 16 unique words that are assigned to each individual and cannot be used by another user. 

4. Enter and repeat any password. Each time you log in, you can enter a completely different password. The main thing is to have access to the brainkey and specify it correctly. 

5. Click “Login”. After completing these steps, you will be logged into your account. 

In case you still cannot log into the wallet after completing the specified requirements, we recommend going incognito in your browser and logging in. 

The wallet can’t open. An error occurs while loading 

1. Check your Internet connection. 

2. Clear your both browser history and cookies. 

3. Restart your browser and enter the correct address in the browser bar: https://wallet.blockchain.mn/login. We recommend that you log in through incognito mode by enabling it in your browser settings. 

How much is 1 EDC coin in USD? 

You can track the current EDC coin rate on CoinMarketCap following the link: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/edc-blockchain/markets/  

My mobile phone has broken/stolen. I have had Google Authenticator connected to my mobile phone but now I do not have access to it. How do I log into my wallet again? 

1. Install the Google Authenticator app on your new device. 

2. Create a new account in the Google Authenticator app by clicking “Add manually”. 

3. In the field that opens, enter the code that you received on the site https://wallet.blockchain.mn/

4. Enter the six-digit code in the 2FA field. 

I used to have 53464 EDC in my wallet, but now it shows 53.464. Why? 

To maintain a stable value of the coin, a denomination was made, as a result of which all market balances were divided by 1000. When the number of decimals changes, the value of the coin continues to depend on the market capitalization, which remains current. More information: https://blockchain.mn/edc-blockchain-reaching-a-new-stage-of-development/   

Thank you for your questions! See you in a week!